Longneck Lagoon

For a great summer activity, we went to Longneck Lagoon in Scheyville National Park, NSW.

There’s something truly magical and awe-inspiring about adventuring when there is water involved, especially for our oldest Adventure Kid, Connor, whose imagination ran wild when we introduced him to his first experience of a river. He told us that he could see some awesome “crocodiles” (a.k.a. half sunken fallen logs in the water near the river bank) and he wondered if there would be “hippos” like what he saw from the documentaries he’d seen and like “Beshte” from Disney’s “Lion Guard” cartoons. He kept his eyes peeled for fish and he peered towards the horizon to spot all the birds that were exotic to him, swimming across the river or flying above the trees. He was super excited to try skimming rocks and pebbles for the first time across the surface of the water, but found that collecting the rocks ended up becoming more fun than throwing them, because he only managed to achieve one *plonk* for each rock as they sunk in one go rather than gracefully skipping and jumping across the lagoon (we are sure as he gets older and his skills increase though, this will change and he’ll love throwing them more than collecting them!). His little brother and our second Adventure Kid, Cody, missed out on all the rock collecting and hurling fun because he was still a baby at this stage, but knowing what his personality is like now, we are sure that simple activity of playing with rocks and pebbles by the riverbank would be met with the same excitement and enthusiasm by him, whether it be attempting to skip them across the water like his big brother or just collecting them to show them off to his Adventure Mum and Adventure Dad while saying “Look! Look!” repeatedly.

However, nothing could beat the huge highlight of the day and it was none other than kayaking and paddle boarding across the lagoon! This was such a fun experience and our Adventure Kid, Connor, loved every minute of it! He felt so grown up and very special getting fitted into his own kid’s size life jacket, and he imagined it was like a cool spacesuit or awesome superhero armour he was putting on to protect himself. We also told him that he needed to wear a super cool hat and put on super cool sunscreen to protect himself from the sun. He watched in awe as we told him how it’s magic because he can see it go on but then it disappears and becomes invisible when we rubbed it in (we love how there’s magic in everything through an Adventure Kid’s eyes!) and he was so proud when his “slip, slop, slap” sun protection routine was done. It was definitely a good opportunity to teach him about the importance of water safety and sun safety in a fun and positive hands-on way, so it’s not just all theory and he actually got a practical real-world experience of it. Now, we never have problems getting him to wear a hat or put on sunscreen because he associates that activity to the start of an adventure instead of a chore! #Winning!!!





For that experience though, Cody just enjoyed the summer sun and behaved really well, watching all the new sights and then falling asleep happily relaxing in Adventure Mum’s arms underneath their gazebo.

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