Movie World Review


Welcome to the Warner Brothers MOVIE WORLD Review on the Gold Coast Australia

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Cost: per day or season pass


The day began with immense excitement as The Adventure Kids – Connor, Cody and Thia – waited in line for their chance to enter Movie World for the very first time. The magic, the mystery and the mayhem from movies are what Movie World delivers and we immediately get this sense of fun and fantasy when we walked through the entrance. We were stunned at the awesome amusement rides all decked out in different themes from our favourite movies! The attractions which gave the Adventure Kids the most fun were The Justice League Superheroes, the WB Kids’ amusement rides, especially the Junior Driving School and the Bumper Cars, and the Batman Parade. Adventure Mom’s favourite was the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster and Adventure Dad said nothing beat the DC Rivals HyperCoaster amusement ride for him as the top theme park attraction for his fun! For something different, we recommend taking the time to see the Wild Wild West ride and going through the town and for those who love a good theme park show, the Stunt Show [title tbc] was a top pick for both kids and adults alike, with its mix of action, comedy, thrills and spills! But the true star attraction show of the day was when Batman saved us all from danger to make the Movie World streets free from bad guys and to make us feel like we were right in the middle of a movie in Gotham City.

A tip from Adventure Mom would be to pre-pay for your ticket so you’ll have less hold ups. If you bought a Super Pass or an Annual Pass, you should also find the clipboard with a form to fill in and do this while you wait in line (we didn’t have any workers to prompt us to fill it in when we went, but luckily, we observed other people ahead of us in the queue doing it, so we went looking for it and found it on the shelf of the ticket booth). If you complete it beforehand, then you save time from having to do it at the customer service window and then you’ll have more time for fun and adventures!

A tip from Adventure Dad would be to get the camera ready so that it can capture the delight on your children’s faces as they walk through to their Movie World adventure for the first time and sometimes as a bonus there are costumed dancers entertaining the crowd as you walk through the entrance so you can capture happy snaps of your kids dancing with them!

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Connor and Cody knew it was going to be a “super” day when they got to meet The Justice League Superheroes, with Connor saying that, “Superman was my favourite” but that Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Flash were “pretty cool too”. They also got to see Batman’s ‘Batmobile’ which Connor said was “super awesome!” Connor and Cody got a little scared when they saw some “baddies” though, especially The Joker, so Thia was the only one brave enough to get a picture with him. Connor’s highlight was when he got a high five from Batman and was able to tell him, “Thanks for saving the world!” So it’s safe to say it’s a big thumps up from The Adventure Kids for the costumed superheroes as an attraction from Movie World on the Gold Coast, with Adventure Mom and Adventure Dad clearly seeing that the costumes were realistic, believable and fantastic in triggering the imagination of the Adventure Kids incredibly well!

On entry adventure kids and mom grabbed a photo with Superman and Batman’s nemesis the Joker