Pork Recipes

The Pork Crackling King & Roasted Pumpkin

Roast pork review

Ingredients and method: Video Coming SOON !!

  • Pork Leg Boneless, 1.5 kg to 1.7 kg,  make sure it has a good skin and fat
  • Oil
  • Sea salt
  • Boiling water
  1. Have the oven preheating at 200 degrees, and prepare the pork by placing it into the oven tray, pour oil to cover the pork, salt the pork skin and then around the tray sides, add the boiling water to 1 cm to 2 cm covering the base of the tray

Cook for 1 hour

Prepare the butternut pumpkin, make small pieces and the same with anything you like like i.e. potatoes, carrots and onion you is the only one you leave as a whole vegetable to cook

  • Butternut pumpkin
  • Potatoes
  • Parrots
  • Onion


  1. Now the 1 hour has passed, take out the pork, and get your best knife and use the rope ties as lines for scoring the pork fat nicely
  2. Add a little bit more oil over the pork and re-salt the whole layer of skin
  3. Place the prepared pumpkin and other vegetables around the pork
  4. Add more oil to tray so half covers the vegetables
  5. Place back into the oven
  6. Keep on 200 degrees but now Turn On FAN for the crackling

Roasted pork recipe

Cook for another 1 hour 


After the hour is done, take the pork out by two forks and let it stand for 20 minutes on the chopping block or plate
let the vegetables keep cooking for the 20 minutes

After the 20min, slice of the Crackling and serve as an entrée

Then slice the pork up and enjoy!!

As for the gravy, I love mushroom gravy for this, a couple of packets from the shops will do and it is amazing compliment with this dish


My pictures for reference

The Pork Crackling King 

The pork sliced 

The roasted pumpkin, potatoes and carrots

Roasted vegetables review