Tobruk Review

Tobruk Sheering Station

Tobruk was lots of fun for the adventure kids who love animals and being outdoors and very close to Sydney, even our four year old adventure boy tried to crack the whip and adventure dad of course!! The boomerang throwing is extremely fun and get ready to run for it after you throw, the host will challenge you to catch the boomerang for a free beer, especially nice on our hot days

The Sheep Muster & Yard work was fun to watch the extremely well trained dogs do their thing, rounding up sheep and running along some sheep backs to move forward up to position

For a change of pace, the Sheep Shearing was enjoyable to watch and you get to learn about how wool gets from paddock to the jumpers and blankets before it has been transported

Whip Cracking is was very enjoyable to watch the professional stock-man do it easily and some very cool tricks with the whip, like the golf shot, or the steam train.. but adventure boy just had lots of fun at trying to do it. Don’t be shy and give it a go, it’s lots of fun.

At the start to the day, the Billy Tea & Damper demonstration under the old shed. The kids had fun and got to try some damper, while Adventure dad and mum enjoyed the cuppa tea

Boomerang Throwing was by far the whole group participation part, and lots of fun, Adventure Dad would have caught the boomerang if it wasn’t for adventure boy getting to excited, so keeps the kids back and run to get that boomerang after you throw it.

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